Plan Your Visit

If you are getting the eye exam for the first time in our office, please read the following information before you make your first visit.  Plan to arrive 20 minutes before your first appointment to complete new patient registration or you can simply fill it out the form online to avoid early arrival time.  You will need to bring your current glasses, current contact lens information, and a complete list of medications for our records.  When completing the health history form, be specific and as detailed as possible about your systemic and ocular health problems.  Certain health conditions may affect your ocular health.  Our doctor may instill some eye drops to dilate your pupils to check your retina.  After pupil dilation exam, your near vision may be affected and blurry for the next 3 to 5 hours. You may drive home right away with caution.  We provide you with disposable shades after the exam is done to prevent extra photosensitivity.  We have strict guidelines for all staff to follow for the protection of your private privacy. 

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